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Bob's Law Blog
Tangerine Moose is a whimsical children's book about a moose who loves tangerines.
I don't write blogs
When the other animals in the forest make fun of him, he sets out on a journey to find other tangerine-loving creatures.
ba ba ba bad
Along the way, he discovers that being different is something to celebrate, not hide.
Joe B
This is my Blog
As the tangerine moose travels through the forest, he encounters a variety of animals who tease him for his unusual color.
Manye (Manny)
wuz up blog
But with the help of his new friend, a wise old owl, the moose learns to embrace his uniqueness and find confidence in himself.
Blog Blog
Along the way, the tangerine moose and his companions have fun adventures and learn valuable lessons about self-acceptance and the importance of kindness towards others.
With colorful illustrations and a heartwarming story, 'Tangerine Moose' is a book that children and adults alike will love.
Kahlin's Real Blog
This has been a story by the Tangerine Moose Team!
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